Natural Cures of Honey - Ayurveda Counsels Honey As Natural Remedy

Ayurveda counsels honey as Natural Remedy for staying clear of a number of ailments and maintaing wellbeing and fitness.

Honey is a natural ingredient of everyday diet mainly used for taste, nutrition or taken with ginger juice as Grandma’s recipe to cure cough and cold; or you may apply honey to your skin for natural glow!

Ayurveda Recommends Honey

Ayurveda regards honey at large to be immensely advantageous for general wellbeing and for both physical and mental fitness. This may be attributed to a number of virtues.

  • Honey enhances the properties of the medicine or diet with which it is taken.
  • Honey acts as a supportive aid as it helps in the easy absorption and assimilation of the diet or medicine.
  • Honey has been used for ages in Ayurveda therapy to cure ailments related to digestion and acidity, respiratory maladies, for weight reduction and even in reducing cholesterol.
  • In Ayurveda therapeutic science, honey is considered as a boon as natural energy enhancer and immunity-booster.
  • Although honey tastes sweet, but when it goes into the system, its resultant after-taste is bitter. This makes honey fitting in a wide variety of ailments.
  • Honey that is old is particularly light in action, easy to absorb and thus aids in reducing weight and supporting digestion.
  • Fresh and new honey is good for emaciated people those who want to gain weight and energy.

Ayurveda Counsels Honey as Natural Medicine

All the three doshas viz. vatta or the air, pitta or the fire and kapha or phlegm; may be balanced with the use of honey. As honey is sweet in taste and has bitter after–taste, it helps combat increased fire. At the same time, being hot in potency honey balances vatta and kapha. Although, honey has been regarded as ‘drug of choice’ in Ayurveda text for bringing vitiated kapha back into balance.

Medicinal Uses of Honey

Ayurveda recommends honey generally to increase body resistance and as excellent energy supplement.

Honey is beneficial for infants to save them from the recurrence of respiratory infections and tonsillitis.

Growing Children may benefit with intake of honey as it is great support for fighting against everyday stress and fatigue and to increase memory power. Regular intake of honey is also good for their eyes.

Honey is wonderful health tonic for elderly so as to provide them with natural energy and vitality and also as a natural refresher.

Honey is a rejuvenation therapy that embodies nature’s balanced formulation of essential proteins, vitamins, sugar, enzymes, salt and natural antibiotics.

Honey as Natural Home Remedy

Weight reduction

In a glassful of lukewarm water mix half to one teaspoon of honey and fresh juice extracted from one fourth lemon. This may be taken early morning.

Pain or inflammation in throat

Try gargles of honey added to decoction of the power of Trifla or the three myrobalans.


A mild massage of honey mixed in rose water is easy home remedy for facial blemishes.

Habitual constipation

A teaspoonful of honey mixed in a glass of lukewarm water is to be taken on empty stomach in the morning. This helps clear the bowels and also acts as a prophylactic against many digestive afflictions.

Respiratory benefits

Honey taken with freshly pounded black pepper corns will help in extraction of phlegm mainly due to its anti-kapha property.

Brain tonic

To the powdered herbs of Brahmi and Shankhpushpi, add honey and a few drops of Almond Oil. Regular intake of this ‘herb and honey’ preparation will help sharpen your brain.

Children ailments

Regular intake of honey along with milk will help strengthen child’s health and increases immunity. This is because honey produces natural antibodies which help to fight against any infection.

Precautions for taking honey

  • Honey should never be heated as by doing so it becomes toxic.
  • According to Ayurveda, equal quantity of honey and ghee mixed together becomes noxious and detrimental to health.
  • Honey should be avoided in very hot climates or with hot water.
  • Ayurveda also discourages intake of large quantities of honey for longer periods of time.


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